Avoid embarrassing leaks – protect yourself with Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

Practically every day, we hear about people whose Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter passwords have been broken into.

Remember John Podesta?

Jennifer Lawrence’s “celebgate” phone hack?

Crayola sending nude images on Twitter?

If you’re in the financial services industry — RIA, or subject to SEC, FINRA or CFTC rules — then you can’t afford to think about things like 2FA as overkill or unnecessary. These days, 2FA is no longer a luxury – it’s the market minimum.

As seasoned professionals in the cybersecurity sector, Brainlink strongly recommends that members of financial firms like you employ these proven tools to improve your corporate AND personal security:

  • Lastpass Enterprise, to securely manage & share passwords.
  • DUO, for securely logging into Windows, Linux & OSX computers.
  • Yubikey, which provides hardware 2FA tokens that can be used to secure Google, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Lastpass Enterprise & DUO installs.

Now you know, so the question is: will you wait until your firm is in the headlines, reeling from a scandal, and desperately trying to perform damage control? Or will you invest in the latest standard of cybersecurity? Don’t delay – implement 2FA today!

For more information about 2FA and other vital security measures for your financial services firm, reach out to Brainlink right away at 917-685-7731 or raj@brainlink.com.