NEW YORK, NY – Raj Goel, CTO of New York’s Brainlink has been busy the first two-quarters of 2017 doing what he does best. Goel has been blazing the trail at a string of information security events since January. Armed with broad experience and strategic expertise, Goel spent the first half of the year committed to the Brainlink specialty – leading financial service professionals in making informed data security decisions.

Goel has long been a champion for promoting cybersecurity awareness for business leaders – especially in the financial services sector. An accomplished speaker, an innovative thinker, published author and IT industry leader, Goel specializes specifically in information security and privacy law for hedge funds, family law offices, wealth managers, CPA firms and financial advisory firms. With over 25 years of IT experience, Goel is unparalleled in his ability to guide financial service firms and implement reliable solutions that address data security challenges.

Since January, Goel has been driving awareness in the financial services space, serving as New York City’s information security expert at:

  • The Fourth Annual IA Watch Cybersecurity for Financial Services Conference,
  • Multiple events in partnership with Kramer Levin LLP to promote info-security awareness,
  • The 2017 New York State Cybersecurity Conference, and
  • A data privacy and IT security presentation in partnership with leading financial advisory firm UBS.

Goel doesn’t limit his reach to in-person events, either. When he’s in between speaking events, Goel is sure to keep opportunities for outreach and awareness-building open. Goel hosted a Kramer Levin webinar on data security regulations in May and an ISC2 webcast – with over 500 attendees – just last week. Above all else, Goel seeks to connect financial service professionals with the information they need to stay protected, productive and profitable.

The Brainlink team also keeps a consistent line of awareness going through the release of their monthly newsletter. For a more detailed look at Brainlink’s leadership in the financial data security space, check out the following links: and

Bringing unparalleled expertise and a unique magnetism to any presentation he gives, Raj seeks to captivate audiences and educate them about why cybersecurity should be a top priority for professionals in the financial services space and beyond. Wondering how you can connect your audience with an informative soundbite from Raj? Reach out to him directly for an interview on all things data security.