For a long time, IT and data security remained an after-thought for companies in the construction industry. However, as technology continues to dominate the ways in which construction professionals do business, information security is becoming a more important priority industry-wide. Raj Goel, CEO of New York City’s Brainlink, is committed to being the experienced and strategic voice to inform construction professionals and keep them aware of the latest threats.

Goel has extensive experience serving as a keynote speaker and expert panelist on data security in business – especially in the construction industry. His latest speaking engagement brought him to the stage at the NYC Friar’s Club at the end of June. The event was open to construction professionals of all kinds looking to develop a better understanding of the most common cyber threats facing contractors today. The event was hosted by Gotham Networking and served as an unparalleled opportunity for networking and business-focused knowledge building. For more info on Gotham Networking initiatives please visit

The engaging presentation connected attendees with a collection of strategic, security-focused insights including:

  • Details on the most sophisticated and prevalent ransomware threats facing modern professionals,
  • An explanation of data-security misconceptions, specific to the construction industry
  • Strategic ideas and dynamic solutions for responding to threats and taking control of data security

“Technology is rarely the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of professional construction companies,” says Goel. “The more common association is hammers, nails, blueprints and hard hats. However, it’s critical that we start recognizing the role that technology plays in the construction space – both in moving the business forward and in protecting information and continuity.”

“At Brainlink, we’re committed to learning our client industries inside out, and the construction space is no exception,” continues Goel. “That’s what it takes to drive unparalleled success and security for every client. Anytime I have the chance to inform and enrich this industry with my frontline experience, I take it very seriously.”

For more information about Brainlink’s commitment to driving data security innovation for construction professionals, please visit the following:

Wondering how your construction company can take advantage of Brainlink’s expertise to get on top of data security business continuity? Reach out to Raj and his team of tech experts right away at (347) 460-2238 or via email at