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How much does Facebook know about you? About 800 pages

In the EU, the citizens own their data.  In the US, the corporations own the data.   If you ask Facebook profile data in the US, you’ll get laughed at. […]

Pakistan bans VPNs – Computer Business Review

Pakistan has barred Internet users in the country from using virtual private networks or VPNs. VPN is an encryption software that is used by Internet users to access banned websites […]

Google – Don't be Evil – That's OUR Job

As usual, Google engages in practices that are orthogonal to it’s self-proclaimed mission of “don’t be evil”.   Apparently, they want YOU not to be evil…while they’re free to engage […]

Written Information Security Policy is INSUFFICIENT to comply with Massachusetts Data Privacy Law

Massachusetts AG Says Having a WISP is Not Enough to Comply With Massachusetts Data Security Regulations The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and Belmont Savings Bank have agreed to resolve allegations […]

Little Brother is a snitch – Blackberry Messenger archives open to UK authorities

The 1st rule of social media and digital communications really should be “Little Brother is watching…and he’s a snitch”   While George Orwell trained us to distrust government (aka Big […]

CIGNET's HIPAA Penalty – $946 per record

Raj Goel, CISSPCTO Brainlink International, Inc. 917-685-7731 Raj’s LinkedIn profile   Since 2005, the Ponemon institute has released an annual study comparing the costs of data breach. According to […]

U.S. Law Enforcement Obtaining Warrants to Search Facebook Profiles

A Reuters review of the Westlaw legal database shows that since 2008, federal judges have authorized at least two dozen warrants to search individuals’ Facebook accounts. Many of the warrants […]

Foreclosure via Facebook

Attorneys in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and, East Sussex, England, have all authorized mortgage lenders and their attorneys to serve borrowers with foreclosure notices via Facebook, when the borrowers could […]

Yahoo reads your emails!

Yahoo! is being criticised for the new Ts & Cs for its webmail service, which give it the right to scan your emails as well as making you responsible for […]

U.S. Postal Inspectors Arrest HIPAA Identity Thief in Alabama

On June 2, 2011, U.S. Postal Inspectors arrested a woman on charges that she stole identifying information on about 4,500 patients from a Birmingham hospital.  According to the complaint, the […]