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Minnesota school demands Facebook username & password from 12 year old Girl

CNN — A Minnesota middle school student, with the backing of the American Civil Liberties Union, is suing her school district over a search of her Facebook and e-mail accounts […]

What Should You Do If Your Employer Asks For Your Facebook Password?

What Should You Do If Your Employer Asks For Your Facebook Password? By Dave Copeland / March 12, 2012 8:30 AM / 24 Comments   Why are some employers asking […]

FTC tears into Apple, Google over kids' privacy – or lack of

The FTC has notified Apple & Google that they actually need to read, abide by and enforce their own privacy policies.  Specifically, these two operators can’t turn a blind-eye to […]

Google Caught Tracking Safari Users – What You Need to Know

Don’t be evil.  That’s Google’s job.   In contravention of Apple’s policies, and their own statements about consumer privacy, Google bypassed Safari’s security settings to store permanent cookies on Apple […]

Feds Want to Warrantlessly Track Phones Bought with Fake Names

In US vs Warshak, the DOJ argued in court that since email accounts are hacked into, people die, and people forget their passwords, email should have no 4th amendment protections. […]

Germany’s intelligence services Ignore current neo-nazi threats, focus on elected Officials

According to the Economist, the German Federal & State intelligence services are stuck in the past.   Rather that focusing on current threats, like a neo-naze group that murdered 10 […]

Aussie Police spy on web, phone usage with no warrants

George Orwell was such an optimist…   The Australian police have been spying on web surfing, emails, cell phones with warrants for quite some time.   At least they’re in […]

The Minority Report is Here

Do you recall how in The Minority Report, stores were trying to sell Tom Cruise products based on his retina scans? What would you do if a Retailer knew you […]

WSJ – Google employees bypassed policy to sell illegal drug ads, Larry Page aware, $500 million penalty

“Google’s employees were instrumental in bypassing policy regarding pharmacy verification,” Mr. Whitaker told the Journal. “The websites were blatantly illegal.” At the agents’ direction, Mr. Whitaker said he signaled his […]

Threatened by Anonymous, Symantec tells users to pull pcAnywhere's plug – Computerworld

So let’s get this straight: 1) Symantec failed to stop the SONY Rootkit because Sony is a well-known multinational 2) Symantec released source code to the Indian Government without adequate […]