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Obama Campaign releases an app that shows political affiliations of your neighbors

In the name of democracy, and political campaigns, the Obama campaign took things to a scary new level.   Just as Girls Around Me used public Facebook & FourSquare data […]

Twitter goes down due to DUAL datacenter failures

Most cloud vendors promise great uptime and brag about having redundant offsite facilities. How many are planning for DUAL (or MULTIPLE) datacenter failures? Twitter, SalesForce, Amazon have each had massive […]

The NSA has dossiers on every American – HOPE 9

At some point, we LOST the cold war and the AXIS powers won.   Soviet-style media clampdown?  Taken care of by the media cartels. East German-style spying?  Facebook, Google, ATT, […]

Would you setup shop in the middle of a warzone?

Do you fancy opening your next office in Baghdad?  Kabul?  Beirut? Bogata?  Medellin?   No?  Why not?  Could it be because you do NOT want your employees or clients to […]

SceneTap – Creepy new surveillance App in Bars

Remember all those movies where the hero ducked into a bar to avoid the bad guys? Or all those bars you ducked into with your date, because the vibe felt […]

Times Square Marriott Injects javascript to break privacy and serve ads

Apparently, the Time Square Marriott cannot make profit at $ 368/night.   The use technology to infect/inject every web page that you view with altered ads.   Would we put […]

Who's behind SOPA, PIPA, ACTA legislation? The $8 billion ipod

The RIAA and MPAA own politicians…that’s no secret.   And to protect their dying business models, the music labels and Hollywood have launched a war against privacy, freedom and security. […]

Want a football scholarship? Friend your coach

Who’s more invasive than State Governments & employers? Colleges.   Yes, the bastions of higher learning and organized sports are also erasing any concept of privacy.  To protect the multi-billion […]

Want a job? hand over your facebook credentials

In the US, UK and several other countries, employers are requiring that employees hand over their Facebook / Linkedin / etc accounts during the hiring process.   Some are requiring […]

Apple will close and delete user documents on July 31, 2012

One of the biggest risks in Cloud Computing is when your cloud vendor dies, or kills the product. In numerous cases, we see small businesses using 4-. 5- or even […]