To someone unfamiliar with Standard Operating Procedures, having SOPs may not seem necessary or applicable. Increased profitability, on the other hand, is something sought by all business owners. Have you considered that SOPs offer you just that?

Before we used SOPs regularly at Brainlink, I had a tech employee that had a recurring problem with one of his clients. I suggested that he SOP the problem, but he was skeptical. Finally, I made a bet with him: I told him to write down his process when troubleshooting for this client, and if he never used that SOP again, I would give a hundred dollars. However, if he did use it again, he would own me an apology. The employee took my bet, and one week later he came back to me and apologized. The SOP he had written had saved him four hours of frustration; the same client had the same issue, but because he had written down the process and taken screenshots, he was able to resolve the problem in 15 minutes.

That was the beginning of much more efficient problem-solving in our business. No long ago we on-boarded a client with 10 servers and it took my lead engineer 24 man hours to do it. Before that we were spending 16 hours a server. We did more work in less time because we had planned things out, we have SOP’s, and we’d systemized our business.  We have seen our time to diagnose and solve issues drop by 30%, and that reduction is growing. Through SOPs, we have saved countless hours and dollars, while simultaneously making our clients happier.

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