Right now the IT industry is what the shoe industry was in the 1500’s. Back then, if you went from village to village, each cobbler made a different sized shoe. You could not buy a shoe in a different town without getting a different shoe. This bespoke process can be a painful one, and there’s no need for that. At Brainlink we’ve standardized our practices so that we can deliver a more consistent product and a more consistent service to our clients. We want to be the Starbucks of IT, instead of the hit-or-miss local diner.

One way we’ve accomplished this is through our standardized ticketing process. Prior to using it, we did not have a consistent way of tracking what needed to be done for our clients. A tech might have promised to do something, for example, and we would have no idea. Now all of our clients know to email support@brainlink.com. They get a ticket, we follow up, and that has made a dramatic difference in our business.

Whether you own a restaurant, run an IT firm, host a radio show, etc., your business can be improved by delivering more consistent results. SOPs are the way that you, too, can track what works, document it, and make it available to everyone in your business.

Key benefits for our clients:

  • They no longer have a “favorite” tech – all techs are their favorites
  • They don’t have to worry about losing quality or service when we replace or move techs
  • They give me feedback faster when a tech drops the ball
  • They get ALL their SOPs in printed runbooks annually – they don’t have to worry about us holding them hostage


Key Benefits for Brainlink:

  • Lowered hiring & training costs
  • Consistency of Service
  • Scalability
  • Level1 techs can do 90% of Level3 work using SOPs


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