$$ Left on the Table???

Your team left $$$ on the table in 2015, didn’t they? Adopt SOP Culture and stop leaving thousands of dollars on the table. In 2015, SmartCEO Magazine recognized Brainlink’s exceptional […]

What Is an SOP?

SOP – Standard Operating Procedure It’s how you do something repeatedly, without deviation or failure Any changes or updated are reflected in an updated SOP No great brand thrives without […]

Why CyberSecurity Training Needs to Start at a Young Age

As a business owner, you regularly deal with clients who unknowingly make dangerous mistakes with their data or technology. As a parent or adult, you also interact with kids and […]


CONGRATULATIONS to TEAM BRAINLINK and all the 2015 SmartCEO’s Culture Award Winners. THANK YOU TEAM BRAINLINK for building a culture of (Standard Operating Procedures) SOPs. How we do anything is […]

Introducing Brainlink’s WISPs (Written Information Security Policies)

Over the last year and a half, I have worked with a number of financial firms and other clients in order to facilitate the development of information security policies. Our […]

A Special Thank You

I am deeply touched that 100+ people attended my book signing. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Gothamites, Fellow Friars, and clients for helping me make […]

Consumer Rights in Cyber Space: The Need for Safeguarding Our Privacy

Our country has a wonderful history of citizens standing together and demanding rights owed to us. The auto manufacturers in America, for example, fought every single safety innovation, including seatbelts, […]

Creating Obvious SOPs

We recently acquired a client with a very vibrant staff that is a joy to work with, lots of technology, and a very open culture of sharing…except in the IT […]

Bring Common Sense to Tech Consumption

Being a pioneer is overrated. The latest in “smart” technology has introduced a flood of conveniences into your home. Everything from thermostats to fridges have been updated and automated to […]

Using Secure Tech Practices: Where to Start

In spite of current problems with technology outrunning policy and laws that would protect its users, I do not advocate living in a state of fear, a state of paranoia. […]